Collaboration + Context, Riga

The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

COLLABORATION + CONTEXT – a series of events in the spring of 2012

LCCA is preparing a series of events in the spring of 2012 to reveal all possible forms of cooperation between artist and curator, artist and theoretician, artist and institution. These events aim to broaden the concept of cooperation and offer an alternative to the traditional experience where quite a determined role has already been assigned to artist, curator and spectator.

This project concentrates a great deal of attention to translating art, to communication with the spectator. Artists are encouraged to act as mediators between the work they have created and the public, by explaining, discussing and involving people in creating works of art.

The Collaboration + Context project includes a whole sequence of events: a series of exhibitions, a succession of conversations related to the exhibitions and a two-day workshop. The project aims to introduce different artist and artist – curator practices, concentrating on two aspects: collaboration and context.

Collaboration implies the cooperation of artist and curator, artist as curator, artist and theoretician, also turning attention to the place of the spectator in the results of these cooperations.

Context in this project means a space, people and how an art institution reacts to the physical place where it is situated; also interest in art practices concentrating on a particular environment and relationships between society groups and institutions based in this environment. Artists and workshop participants are welcome to explore the role of the context of a certain social environment and institution in the development of art, particularly to dissect various segments of Latvian art space by both scientific and poetic techniques.


February 9 – March 8, 2012


Collaboration between artist Jirka Pfhal (DE) and philosopher Kārlis Vērpe (LV)

Exhibition as commentary + seminar

March 16 – April 13, 2012


Collaboration between artist and curator Eva Vēvere (LV) and Laura Prikule (LV)

Exhibition based on participation + institutional picnics /conversations + discussion

April 28 – 29, 2012


Participants: Maria Lind (Tensta Konsthall,SE), Dora Hegyi (Transit,HU),  Magnus Bartas (SE), Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukonen (The Arts Assembly, FI), Egija Inzule (LV/CH), Maya Mikelsone (LV/FR), Kristine Briede (LV), David Karas (HU), Solvita Krese (LCCA, LV)

Local and international art institutions which are dealing with local context and are open to different collaboration forms between artists/curators/ audience are invited to discuss about tasks of an art institution and its further possible strategies.


Day 1, April 28, 2012

13:00-13:25 Solvita Krese Opening, introduction to the project

13:25- 13:50 Maria Lind “The New Model”

13:50- 14:15 Magnus Bartas “The New Model”

14:15- 14:45 Kristīne Briede K2 experiences and social activities in Liepaja

14:45- 15:30 Discussions

Coffee break: 15:30 – 16:00

16:00- 16:40 Dora Hegyi and  David Karas Collaboartive project among artists and schools

16:40- 17:00 Maya Mikelsone Project w/ Ivars Gravlejs in libraries

17:00-17:20 Bolderaja group – politically and socially active group working with Riga area Bolderaja, involving artists, musicians and others

17:20- 17:40 Interdisciplinary group Serde, residing in Aizpute, Latvia, Exploring local traditions and contemporary contexts

17:40- 18:20 Discussions

Day 2, April 29, 2012


The Arts Assembley (Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen) session together with Egija Inzule

Participants- Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Latvian Artists Union, Latvian Academy of Art, KIM? Contemporary art center, Riga Art space, etc.

May 9 – June 6, 2012


Collaboration between artist/curator Ieva Saulīte (LV) and artist Agnese Rudzīte- Kirillova(LV).

Site specific intervention based on collaboration, viewers involvement.