Basics of the AA at MANIFESTA 8


A Reflexive Organ of the Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS)

at Manifesta 8

Murcia and Cartagena, Spain 2010-2011


The ARTS ASSEMBLY unites a diversity of actors – that is, YOU – in participatory decision-making and amphitheatrical action to VALUATE WORKS of ART and their INSTITUTIONS in five live Valuation Chambers in the AA Amphitheatre, Los Molinos Auditorium. In the next-door Archive and Reverb Space, we hope you “GET HORIZONTAL”, re-view and actively participate in the process, for..



See the trailer(s) of On the Amphitheatre's Ruins, a film on the AA process

in CPS Media Lounges.

The AA is a CRITICAL ORGAN of CPS at Manifesta 8.




For those not physically present,







The Manifesta AA is constituted by:


Perpetuum Mobilε (Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen), Parfyme (Pelle Brage and Laurids Sonne), Ray Langenbach, Damian Le Bas, aladin, Hamy Ramezan, Jon Irigoyen, Diego Bruno, Johan Waerndt, Monika Marklinger, Li Zhenhua, Maria Lind, Gavin Jantjes, Viyé Diba, Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel, Pieter Vermeulen, Nicolaj Wichmann, Aaajiao


AA JURY members include:


Gavin Jantjes, Maria Lind, Viyé Diba, Sarat Maharaj, Ivor Stodolsky, Damian Le Bas, Marita Muukkonen, Pelle Brage, aladin, Laurids Sonne (among others)


The ROUND CHAMBER debates on institutions will include:

Many of CPS artists, AA Jury members and the CPS curators.






October 3rd  at   5  pm: Colonel (Thierry Geoffrey)

October 5th at 5  pm: Khaled Hafez

October 6th at 6 pm: Michael Takeo Magruder

October 7th from 11am-2 pm, 4-6 pm: OPEN HOUSE in the  Archive and Reverb Space (Los Molinos)

October 9th  at 5 pm: Anders Eiebakke 

October 10 at 5 pm: ROUND CHAMBER to discuss the curatorial concept of CPS and Manifesta 8 as an institution.


The Arts Assembly is a Perpetuum Mobilεzation (

Further Particulars

The ARTS ASSEMBLY (AA) unites a diversity of art actors in participatory and peer-to-peer platforms. At Manifesta 8 the AA acts as a CRITICAL ORGAN of the curatorial process. Evaluations of the Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS), Manifesta 8 (M8) and its processes will be hammered out. CPS is one of the three curatorial teams of Manifesta 8, Spain.

Arts Assembly Locations:

The AA is a reflexive model for cooperation in the creative field. Participatory evaluation, decision-making and amphitheatrical action take place in the Chambers of the AA. Each Chamber has its own features – acting like a gathering of an ancient Greek polis in the amphitheatre, the Roman Senate, a gladiatorial fight, a whispering dance hall, an non-monetary auction or a parliament..

At Manifesta 8, the ARTS ASSEMBLY will have two chambers:

The AA Valuation Chamber:

This chamber was first conceived (during the collapse of casino-style markets) to address the crucial question of value in the art world. If market-valuations of artworks are highly volatile, and if they subject art to the ever greater domination by heteronomous forces, then an independent system of valuation of art is a crucial, indeed existential need for art. The Value Chamber is designed to provide non-monetary procedures of evaluation – critical, practical, aesthetic, political, philosophical or otherwise – of artworks presented to it. These Valuations of the work are carried out through the step-by-step coordination of the artist of the artwork, the Jury of the Chamber, and the participating audience. The results may determined by polls, surveys or ratings, choreographed theoretical analysis, or even by proposals coming from the audience..

The AA Round Chamber:

This chamber will debate - in gladiatorial style - the curatorial strategy of CPS, its implementation and the obstacles and issues it faces. Likewise, it will address the themes, discourses and institutions of M8. Historical and theoretical aspects of M8 and the Murcia region will provide one point of departure.

How does the ARTS ASSEMBLY work?

Before a whole AA can take place, it needs to be 'constituted' by what is called the Charter Process. This process 'writes the rules' of the Chambers by developing step-by-step procedures for action called Charters. A Charter is a structure, schedule and plan of participatory action within a given event. This defines a Chambers format, the scenography and schedule of what happens, but not its content or outcomes. The content results from actually carrying out an AA: with specific artists, juries and participants and Charters, and in a given historical, institutional and geographical context.

Overall, each AA is a self-constituting collective of people and participatory procedures in action. It is not a meeting, simply a debate or an exchange of opinions. A whole AA is a closely-timed and self-choreographed series of performative events with outcomes determined by all members and participants in the ARTS ASSEMBLY.

The First Pilot for an Arts Assembly took place in Helsinki on the island of Suomenlinna/Sveaborg in November, 2009. The Arts Assembly - CPS at Manifesta 8 is a programme of critical evaluations of the Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS) in the context of Manifesta 8. CPS is one of the three curatorial teams of Manifesta 8, Spain.

The Arts Assembly is a Perpetuum Mobilεzation (


Perpetuum Mobilε:


CPS at Manifesta 8:

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The First (Pilot) Arts Assembly in Helsinki: