AA Street Art Assembly at the Ural Industrial Biennial


at the

2nd Ural Industrial Biennial


The Ekaterinburg STREET ARTS ASSEMBLY is an urban exploration, a mobile debate and guide to the poetry and politics

of the street-art scene.

14 September 2012 at approx. 14:45-16:15.

Starting place: In front of Ural University, 51 Lenin Prospect, after lunch.

Ending place: At the Museum of Fine Art, 5 Voevodina Street, in time for the opening of the Special Project.

Part 2 will be a debate modeled on a Arts Assembly Valuation Chamber

14 September 19:15-20:45

Meeting Place: In front of Ural University, 51 Lenin Prospect

(The AA debate will be in Auditorium 418)

Contact: Street@TheArtsAssembly.org

Вместе мы решили провести Стрит Арт Ассамблею. Посмотреть пространство Екатеринбурга и уличные работы. И обсудить. Всех кто неравнодушен приглашаю, думаю будет интересно

Завтра, 14.09, Две сессии:

1 - walk and talk - 14:45-16:15 встречаемся у входа в УрГУ (Ленина 51)

2 - дебаты - 19:15 - 20:45 там же, ауд. 418

Longer Text:

The Ekaterinburg


An urban exploration, a guide to the poetry and politics of the

street-art scene, a mobile debate

a Perpetuum Mobilεzation at the 2nd Urals Industrial Biennale of

Contemporary Art

The Street Arts Assembly enters the city through the eyes of its urban

artists. It is a walking-talking exploration of Ekaterinburg’s

cityscape, street poetry and politics. Works include street art in

multiple genres and scales – from monumental to minuscule.


Ekaterinburg street-artists - Tima Radya, Sergey “Monbrow" Kleschev,


Perpetuum Mobilε / The Arts Assembly - Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky.

The Arts Assembly is a reflexive model for cooperation in the creative

field. It unites a diversity of actors in new formats based on

participatory action through peer-to-peer platforms. Each AA is a

self-constituted gathering with performative aspects and audience

participation. It is not a meeting, simply a debate or an exchange of

opinions. A whole AA is a timed and choreographed series of

performative events.